Miss and Mr Barlow


Noon, Saturday, September 24, 2016
Barlow Fairgrounds Gazebo
Attire: Sunday Best

All contestants are to be on the stage by 11:30 the day of the event to get your contestant number and to arrange for seating on the stage.
All contestants will be asked questions about themselves on the stage.
There is no fee to enter this contest.  All boys and girls aged 3-6 years who are residents are eligible to participate. 
To participate please complete the form below and return it by September 10, 2016 to Bethany Amrine Hinton, P.O. Box 61, Waterford, Ohio 45786
With any questions please call 740-236-3984, 740-629-5253 or 740-678-8695.

Contestant Name: __________________________________________ Boy___ Girl____

Contestant's Birthday: _______________________ Age as of January 1, 2016: ______

Parent's Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________ City: _____________________________

Daytime Phone: _____________________ Evening Phone: ______________________

The questions below help us prepare our questions:

Favorite Food: __________________________ Favorite Color: ____________________

Favorite Television Show: _____________________________________

Do you have any pets? ___________________________________

Favorite Toy: __________________________________________

Two words my parents say best describe me are: ___________________________________

Do you have any brothers or sisters? ___________________________________

My favorite thing to do is: _______________________________________________

We thank you in advance for your participation and hope to see you at the fair!!!!!

The following are links to the application file in various formats, for your convenience.

PDF file: MissMrPageant2016

DOC file: MissMrPageant2016

TXT file: MissMrPageant2016

JPG file: MissMrPageant2016