2024 kicks off with the yearly Equipment Auction! This is a major event, helping to fund the Barlow Fair, so stop by on 23 March. You might find the exact equipment that you need.

The following Barlow Fair site represents 2023 and the 152nd Barlow Fair. We will keep it up for reference, until the 153rd Barlow Fair approaches. Thank you!

Presented by the Barlow Agricultural and Mechanical Association, Inc. of Washington County to be held at Barlow, Ohio. Fairbooks and Schedules will be available at the Barlow Fairgrounds and around the area.

Inside Vendors setup on Tuesday, September 26. Fair Entries are coming in on Wednesday, September 27, judging happens early on Thursday, and the Barlow Fair officially opens at 4PM on Thursday, September 28.

Visit “Barlow Fairgrounds” on Facebook for more information

Petitions are now available if you are interested in running for a position on the Barlow Fair Board.

Contact the Fair Board Secretary, Abby Campbell, at 419-566-1353 or motter.abby15@gmail.com to pick up an application. All completed petitions are due to the Secretary by Saturday, September 17th at 12 pm.

Barlow Fair Parade

For Information
Please call Greg Lane 740-538-4279

Rides by

Big “O” Amusements, Inc.

Thursday, All Big “O” Rides
Are FREE for Everyone!

Thursday: 6 – 10 PM
Friday: 6 – 11 PM
Saturday: 12 – 5 & 6 – 11 PM
Sunday: 12 – 4 PM

The following block displays our entire 2023 Fair Book. The page also contains a second block, displaying the Fair Book, that is especially intended for cellphone use. Note: If you are using a small-form-factor device, you may need to tap the block to display a navigating menu.


Special Thanks to McLeish Auction Service for donating their services to our Livestock Auctions and our Equipment Auction!


Charles M. McLeish  &  Keelan A. McLeish

No pets or dogs will be admitted to the fairgrounds during the Barlow Fair, except for service dogs.
See “Notes” page for further information.

Thank you for attending the 152nd Annual Barlow Fair!

We hope to see you next year for our 153rd Year celebration!